The Scribbler’s Bloc welcomes all inkslingers, penrunners, keyboard kings and qwerty queens. This blog is for those who love to write, have a burning opinion/review, or simply write infrequently and are avoiding the hassle of managing a blog on their own,
please contact us. We would love to have you on the team if even for a day.

58545_10151367574420843_2099375231_nI am Chris C. Myers, writer at heart and avid reader of horror fiction. I love to travel the world, and have aspirations of setting foot on every continent. I am a veteran, fisherman, baseball enthusiast, gamer, singer, violist, guitarist.14079644_1315736385111039_7603866723275669947_n

My partner is a Hufflepuff, bibliophile, and sex-positive feminist. She loves to read science-fiction, mysteries, and some classic novels. When she isn’t destroying the patriarchy, she likes to play board-games and tell lack-luster jokes that no one laughs at. She also loves artwork in its many forms, both as a consumer and producer. Her preferred mediums are acrylic paint, pencil, frosting, and the blood of her enemies.

14264204_1328274030523941_8078109655160366384_nDmitri Shostakovich does not read or write. His purrfurred activity is sunning himself by the window while spying on the neighbors. He loves strings, food, and cat grass, as well as rubbing his face on things. When he is not meowing, eating, or working construction in the litter box, he likes to kill various items, usually his bed, with his lone back paw.